Recent Projects

The majority of my projects over the last few years are underneath layers of verbose NDA's. Here is a succinct list of these projects, with product names witheld.

Industry Agnostic Design System

The unique challenge here was a system that could support multiple use cases across different industries. FinTech, Customer Support, Healthcare, Human Trafficking, and Community moderation are among the high level industry categories. Each with their respective regulatory and configuration needs.

  • 9 countries
  • 7+ languages
  • 5 pm & dev teams
  • HSBC, Wells Fargo, Barclays, UBS, HCA, et. al.
  • Focused on analyzing Human communication
  • End user agnostic workflows

Enterprise Remote User Research Program

Limited access to user data, end users globally located, and bespoke on-premise configurations created a challenge when creating a User Research program from zero. Solving the problem required some creative problem solving, layered over logistic hurdles, and resulted in a third-party integration on some cheap Chromebooks.

  • 1503 mins recorded
  • 583 actionable task
  • 89 Sessions in 1st mth
  • 24 Chromebooks
  • 6 prototype/session updates
  • 0 to 68 End Users in 1st mth

AI/ML Model Building

Building quality models for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is extensively labor intensive. A single model can require hundreds of user hours just to get to the first iteration. A tool was needed to help Data Scientist and Subject Matter Experts collaboratively iterate and build models.

  • 80% time reduction on end users
  • Introduced the opportunity for rapid iteration and versioning
  • Dramatically reduced the cognitive load on DS & SME’s
  • Creation of a community for model sharing

AI/ML Surveillance Platform

Teaching a machine to understand Human communication is challenging. The application here is a tool that allows the machine to alert users to concerning communication language and patterns of monitored users at scale.

  • 10+ million emails daily
  • 120+ hours of audio hourly
  • Agnostic workflows across comms, and behavioral patterns
  • Multiple UX Design patents (audio, timeline, profile, comm review, etc)

AI/ML Electronic Health Record

The EHR has grown into a mess with the heavy regulation, insurance reqs, complicated interactions, and developer lead design. This project was a radical departure from the standard. Using simplified workflows, user centering design, and Machine Learning I created a new paradigm for Physician software.

  • Tablet forced workflows
  • Created a National Physician User Group
  • Reduced “Time in EHR” from > 4 hrs daily to < 30 min daily
  • Multiple UX Design patents (timeline, ordering, reconciliation, shared collaborative experience)

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